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Short and Sweet Summary: This roundup of encouraging quotes every widow needs to read gives you an opportuntity to look at things from different perspectives. Sometimes we need reminders that we’re not alone in our grief. Or that we have more power than we think we do. Or that it’s OK to be sad.

It’s easy to get swallowed up by grief for hours, days or even weeks on end. Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and into something else, anything else to take our minds of grief and loss and sorrow.

I’ve collected a group of my favorite encouraging quotes for widows to help you see things from a different perspective. Or allow yourself to release expectations. Or just to give you the boost that you need to get through the day.


You Have to Feel

Don’t close yourself off to feelings or to love. Feelings, especially love, are essential to the human condition. Cut off feelings and you cut off your connection to the world.

No One Knows How

We’re all just learning as we go along.

Overcome Fear

Can you relate? I can’t generate as many fears when I’m active. Or when I get out of the house and am productive. But if I’m home alone and it’s quiet? Watch out!

Stop Punishing Yourself

It’s OK to be angry. But it’s not OK to let it control you.

Ask for What You Want

My husband used to tell me this all the time.

It’s Time to Blossom

If you’re staying stuck tight in your grief, maybe it’s time to unfold into something new.

Share Your Story

You never know who could use your words or benefit from hearing your story. There’s no shame in grief.

Which Way Will You Go?

We don’t always have to know where we’re going or how we’ll get there. Sometimes we just need to trust the process.

You’re Stronger Than You Know

Most people aren’t aware of your daily struggles. And that’s OK. It’s not necessary to broadcast battles others are incapable of understanding anyway. Just give yourself credit for being stronger than you think you are.

Take as Long as You Need

Walking through the muck of grief is hard work. And it takes as long as you need it to.

Rest When You Need It

Grieving is hard work. Take breaks and rest when you need to.

Pay Attention to You

One of the biggest revelations I had after my husband died was that he wasn’t perfect. I spent a lot of time in those early years pretending that he was a saint and forgetting about me.

You Are a Badass

Do people ever tell you that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle? Now you’ve got the perfect response.

Joy and Pain Have Coexisted Since the Dawn of Time

You can’t have joy without sorrow. Light without dark. Grief without love. We find the context and meaning in the opposites.

You’ve Had the Power All Along

You begin to shrink when you relinquish your power. Even though your grieving, you’re still in charge of you. In charge of how you want your story to play out. Instead of letting grief shrink you, why not expand your new understanding of yourself and all your capable of?

Start a New Beginning

You already know there’s no happy ending to your story. What’s the alternative now? It’s up to you.

Accept What Is

No one can understand what you’re going through without going through it. You can make peace with what is when you accept that people aren’t going to know what to do, what to say or how to say it.

Widow Wrap Up

We all have similar, but different experiences. No two grief journeys are alike.

Use these encouraging quotes every widow needs to read as a springboard to help shape a new attitude, reclaim your power or let others off the hook.

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