Find links to my published print and web articles and essays on the topics of grief, widowhood, solo-parenting and dating here:

Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Miracle of Love: 101 Stories about Hope, Soul Mates and New Beginnings – how a grieving widow found love again.

Medium: Human Parts

How Would You Handle a Death Sentence? – If you’re like my husband, you’d spend your last year preparing everyone you love for life without you.

The Unexpected Benefit of Writing Letters to My Kids Every Month – I was recording a memorial for a story we never expected to end.

Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Parenting Advice on Facebook – Asking for advice online is an exercise in futility.

Medium: P.S. I Love You

My Dying Husband Taught Me How to Be Happy – A simple mental shift can change everything.

Principles of Raising Responsible Humans – I’m on a mission to provide an accurate depiction for my teenagers of what it’s like to be an adult.

Medium: The Ascent

The Universe Keeps Showing Me I’m Not in Control – Life an unpredictable series of events that happen regardless of planning and preparation.

What I Learned Climbing a Mountain – purging regret and shame one step at a time.

Medium: General

Why Being Smart Isn’t Enough – If your kid can’t manage basic manners, his intelligence doesn’t matter much.

What I Didn’t Know About Grief Before My Husband Died – I apologize to everyone whose pain and suffering came before my own.

Timeless Advice That Consistently Improves My Daily Routine – I’m grateful to my mentors who taught me there’s no magic in living an uncomplicated life.

Emotional Truths About Grief Everyone Should Know – what everyone will experience one day.

Watch and Learn From the Netflix Show “After Life” – this is real life for grievers.